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09.04.2017    19:00

Concert: Hard Times

Hard Times is three gentlemen from Krakow who play a bit of folk and a bit of blues, sad songs about love, and happy songs about the joy of life. The songs are beautiful in their simplicity, lacking any unnecessary exaltation, full of raw, masculine lyrics. They grab you by your heart and make you want to dance. No one has ever combined gospel and flamenco, blues and Cravovian ballads with such ease.

Hard Times' album titled „Siedem” is the third album in their discography – this time, only containing original works, sung in Polish.

Hard Times is:
Łukasz Wiśniewski – vocals, harmonica, ukulele
Piotr Grząślewicz – guitar
Marcin Hilarowicz – guitar

Tickets are available at the museum rception desk for the following prices: 20 PLN in advance, 25 PLN on the day of the concert