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07.06.2018    17:00

Curator-led tour of the exhibition "Blood: Uniting and Dividing" and film screening

Curator-led tour of the exhibition “Blood: Uniting and Dividing”
Film screening: „Kropla krwi” (A Drop of Blood), dir. Tomasz Wiśniewski, Poland 2017, 37'

Blood has always been a powerful symbol through which we understand who we are. It is the vital life-giving fluid that we have in common. It carries oxygen throughout our bodies, nourishes and protects us, and helps us function. It is the substance that symbolizes our shared humanity. It is both life and death, sacred and profane, pure and impure. The exhibition presents a cultural history of Jews and blood, from the Bible to the present day. It asks a central question: how have Jews defined themselves through blood, and how have others defined them by blood?

In cooperation with Jewish Museum London.
Partner: History of Art Institute of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków

After the tour we would like to invite you to a screening of the film „Kropla krwi” (A Drop of Blood) directed by Tomasz Wiśniewski.
The legend of the ritual slaughter – a false conviction that Jews kill Christian children in order to gain blood for their ritual practices, especially for adding a drop of blood to matzo which is baked for the holiday of Pesach – has been present in Europe for 800 years. Some of the citizens of Eastern Poland still believe that this legend might contain a bit of truth.

In Polish with English subtitles.
Free admission.