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18.05.2017    18:00

Expert Panel: “Faces of Israel”

We kindly invite you to a meeting with Israeli university researchers as part of the annual expert panel organized during Israeli Days in Krakow. This year we have the privilege of hosting Dr. Dafna Hirsh from The Open University of Israel in Ra'anan and Prof. Daniel Statman from the University of Haifa.

Dr. Hirsh is a specialist in Cultural Studies. In her research, she focuses primarily on the issues of Jewish culture as well as aspects related to LGBT and Gender Studies. During the lecture, she will bring us closer both to the Middle Eastern and Western character of Israeli culture, treating us to examples from daily life and cuisine.

Prof. Statman deals with ethical and philosophical issues. Among his studies, are aspects tied to the relationship between war and religion, which is reflected in his native Israel. During the presentation, he will talk about the dilemmas in these particular fields. Prof. Statman will enlighten us on the matter in his lecture "Religious Freedom and Religious Legislation in a Jewish and Democratic State".

In English
Free Admission