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21.01.2019    18:00

Meeting with Tomasz Michniewicz, author of the book "Chrobot" (Otwarte Publishing House)

Seven journeys in time. As time is transferred to us as memory, this will be a story of seven journeys through seven memories of seven ordinary people. It might seem as if it was the same world and the same time, but we are presented different perspectives from people living in Uganda, the United States, Colombia, India, Finland, Zimbabwe, and Japan.

Seven stories of ordinary people depicting their problems, challenges, chances, and opportunities. Putting them together makes us realize how much our current life depends on where we were born.

Seven stories by seven people and one attempt to answer the question: What is this all for?

The latest book by the awarded-winning non-fiction writer, Tomasz Michniewicz, is an unusual conjunction of personal stories and profound insight into global problems of the contemporary world. In a vivid and credible style, the author represents the world as it is seen by his protagonists, challenging the reader to reflect upon the human condition.

Tomasz Michniewicz is a journalist, traveler, photographer, and non-fiction writer. He received awards for his achievements in both radio and literature. He is well known for his work on Radio Zet, the First Program of the Polish National Radio, and the Third Program of the Polish National Radio. He is the author of bestselling non-fiction books, "Samsara," "Świat równoległy," and "Swoją drogą".

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