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23.05.2019    18:00

Mossad: On the Successes and Failures of the Israeli Intelligence

Lecture by Dr. Artur Skorek (Jagiellonian University of Kraków)
Part of the 15th Edition of the Days of Israel in Kraków, “The Faces of Israel at the Galicia Jewish Museum”

Mossad is one of the most famous and most mysterious organizations. Forming one part of the triad known as the Israeli Intelligence Community, Mossad is most popularly known in international media as being synonymous with professionalism and effectiveness. However, what do we know? What do we not know? What do we suspect about the methods, operations, and effectiveness of the Israeli Intelligence Agency? What are its successes? Is it truly that effective? What are the contemporary challenges related to the availability of advanced technology? The lecture will focus on Mossad, so we can never be certain if the answers are correct, but this lecture will attempt to provide explanations of these issues.

In Polish.
Free admission.